20 Quotes To Inspire You to Keep Pushing Towards Your Goals

Anllelic LozadaI’m a self-proclaimed quotes junkie. I often use t-shirts with quotes, have Andy Wharhol quotes hanging in my living room, I got my iPod engraved with “Music is where the passions dance,” and my Ipad with “God is good; All the Time.” Quotes inspire my soul and motivate my mind. They constantly remind me of staying truth to myself, of appreciating the little things in life and pushing me forward to keep working hard to reach my goals. They also make great additions to greeting card messages ūüôā Below I’ve included 20 of my favorite motivational quotes, which I’ve collected through the years from places I’ve been, writings¬†that I’ve read and movies that I’ve watched. Continue reading


10 Steps To Awaken To The Brand New You

Guest Post By: Luis Soto Jr, Life and Health Coach

Anlelic LozadaWhat does it mean to be awake? What is the path to reinventing oneself? How does someone start the process of becoming awake? These are the questions that make our soul realign with our purpose in life.

Picture yourself living your life as mundane as can be. All of a sudden, your inner voice asks you to start doing something new. Fears come when we decide to play a bigger game than the one we are playing now. Life is fascinating! There are many twists and turns that we take tofind ourselves. The journey begins when we feel a deeper calling that is congruent with our core beliefs and values.Before that can happen to us we must be willing to release our secret that has kept us in captivity all this time.
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