Need New Skills? Consider Massive Open Online Courses

Consider.jpgI wrote this article for Latin Trends Magazine, March 2016 Edition 

Technology in education is not a new concept. Educational CD rooms have existed for over 20 years. Touch screen monitors, internet labs and online grading systems are pretty much the norm these days in schools and colleges.

We also see most universities offering hybrid programs that include all or partial courses online, entire departments dedicated to 100% online degrees and continuing education courses, as well as live classes converted into online courses which are then uploaded into e-learning platforms like Coursera. Continue reading


Why Should YOU Care About Social Media Week

Consider (1).jpgI wrote this article for LatinTrends Magazine, March 2016 edition.

Nowadays, technology and all-things Internet control almost everything we do. From how we pay bills and communicate with our abuela in Colombia, to how we buy groceries and choose a date for Friday night.

What happens when brands like Google, Facebook, IBM and The New York Times come together for 5 days? A disruption on how businesses and YOU evolve.

With the 2016 global theme “The Invisible Hand: Hidden Forces Of Technology (and How We Can Harness it for Good)” Social Media Week worldwide conferences will explore how mobile technology, networked connectivity, data and machine learning is changing how we connect, consume and communicate. Continue reading

9 Tips On How To Increase Page Views In Your Blog Or Website

SHOP (6)A question that I often get from friends, clients and colleagues is: “How I increase views in my site/blog?” From my 3 years doing web training for publishers in Hispanic Digital Network and my 2+ years in product marketing at The Huffington Post, Ive acquired some useful tips that will help me in the re-launch of, an e-magazine for professional Latinas that Im working on with one of my best friends and Hispanic Influencer Marketer, Natacha Ginocchio. I hope these tips are also useful for you!

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16 of the Best YouTube Marketing Tips I Found on the Web

Anllelic LozadaI’ve been doing some massive research on how to get more views and more subscribers in my YouTube channel as well as the parenting platform I co-manage, Los Tweens & Teens.

Because sharing is caring, I figured I would include my top tips for you to also learn how to maximize your YouTube channel – not only to sell yourself, but also sell your services or products.

1. Consistency: Create content every 2 days, every week, every month. Whatever the quantity is, make sure you are publishing in the consistency basis. This helps SEO within YouTube and helps getting new subscribers (people are more willing to subscribe if they know you that you WILL – and SOON – be posting new videos. Continue reading

20 Tips To Increase Your Visibility Online Through E-Mail Marketing

Anllelic LozadaIf you are a content creator, an independent professional or an entrepreneur, email marketing is a creative way to stay top-of-mind with your audience, clients and prospects.

By creating useful content – such as blog posts, articles, white papers and webinars – and distributing them via email, you also can increase your visibility online and position yourself as an expert in a given topic.

If it includes a clear call to action, such as “register here,” “request a free consultation here,” “see complete article here,” or “use promo code here,” email marketing can also be a powerful lead generation and sales tool. If content is king, email marketing is the princess. Continue reading

20 Quotes To Inspire You to Keep Pushing Towards Your Goals

Anllelic LozadaI’m a self-proclaimed quotes junkie. I often use t-shirts with quotes, have Andy Wharhol quotes hanging in my living room, I got my iPod engraved with “Music is where the passions dance,” and my Ipad with “God is good; All the Time.” Quotes inspire my soul and motivate my mind. They constantly remind me of staying truth to myself, of appreciating the little things in life and pushing me forward to keep working hard to reach my goals. They also make great additions to greeting card messages 🙂 Below I’ve included 20 of my favorite motivational quotes, which I’ve collected through the years from places I’ve been, writings that I’ve read and movies that I’ve watched. Continue reading

10 Steps To Awaken To The Brand New You

Guest Post By: Luis Soto Jr, Life and Health Coach

Anlelic LozadaWhat does it mean to be awake? What is the path to reinventing oneself? How does someone start the process of becoming awake? These are the questions that make our soul realign with our purpose in life.

Picture yourself living your life as mundane as can be. All of a sudden, your inner voice asks you to start doing something new. Fears come when we decide to play a bigger game than the one we are playing now. Life is fascinating! There are many twists and turns that we take tofind ourselves. The journey begins when we feel a deeper calling that is congruent with our core beliefs and values.Before that can happen to us we must be willing to release our secret that has kept us in captivity all this time.
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Think Like a Marketer: 3 Sell Yourself Tips To Boost Your Career Visibility Today

Anllelic LozadaWe spend more time at our jobs than in any other aspect of our lives. So its a no-brainer that in order to obtain the success we want and deserve in our careers, we must take full control of it and let others notice.

Whether you are looking for a new job, changing careers, starting a business, taking your business to the next level or want a promotion at work, put on your marketer’s hat and apply these three strategies that marketing departments employ for their products and services: Continue reading

7 Personal Branding Lessons To Be The Best You Inspired by Oprah

Anllelic LozadaHow would your life be if you lived each day using Oprah Winfrey’s lessons? As a fan of Oprah and her teachings, I’ve compiled these seven lessons on how to live your best YOU.

These lessons on how to live your best life are ones that once applied, will also make your personal brand stronger and more authentic.

The next time you make a decision about how to boost your career, ask yourself: “What would Oprah do?” Continue reading