7 Personal Branding Lessons To Be The Best You Inspired by Oprah

Anllelic LozadaHow would your life be if you lived each day using Oprah Winfrey’s lessons? As a fan of Oprah and her teachings, I’ve compiled these seven lessons on how to live your best YOU.

These lessons on how to live your best life are ones that once applied, will also make your personal brand stronger and more authentic.

The next time you make a decision about how to boost your career, ask yourself: “What would Oprah do?”

  1. Maximize your qualities to be the best version of yourself.

Although there are many other professionals doing the same thing you do, all of us have innate talents and a unique personality that separates us from others. Make a list of your top ten qualities. Then make a list of five professional areas where you used one of the ten qualities on your list in the last week. These are the five activities you should highlight in your professional life.

  1.  Actively listen.

What you don’t say is as important as what you do say. Focus on the quality of your words – not quantity – and earn respect and power by being concise. In addition, listening carefully makes it easier to ask intelligent questions. This next week, wait three seconds before offering your opinion – you might realize that your comment may not really contribute anything of value to the discussion you are having.

3- Teachers are our heroes.

Surround yourself with people you admire, and those you who can help you with your projects. Successful people usually have no problem sharing how they’ve managed to get where they are. Think of someone you admire who is close to you – a friend, a colleague, a family member, a mentor, a former your boss. First, tell them why you admire them, and then ask: What is the best advice you can give me for success?

  1. Live your own dreams.

Do not waste time comparing yourself with others. Sometimes you will be in front and other times you will be behind, but the reality is that the road is very long. In the end, the real competition is with yourself. Transform jealousy to admiration, and what you admire will become part of your own success.

  1.  What you do today creates every morning.

Our lives contain productive work days, not days of career. Therefore, it is important to make sure what we do every day in some way contributes to the professional we want to become. Write down a career goal you want to meet within a year. Then write down the twelve steps you need to take to reach this goal, and then divide each step into four small steps. This will give you a small goal to perform every week until you reach your ultimate goal.

  1. Being aware of the moment is what matters most.

There is a saying: “The past already happened, the future is uncertain. We know this for certain.” Accept and realize that the professional stage where you are right now is which is necessary to obtain grow to move to the next stage. Do your best with a positive attitude, and you’ll see how soon you forward.

  1. What we are all strive for is authenticity. That connection of spirit to spirit.

Charisma is defined as having a genuine interest other people. Every encounter we have with our colleagues, superiors, employees and customers is an opportunity to make a connection with those who can help us close an account, find a new job, meet a new client or simply have a more enjoyable day. This week, make an effort to look into the eyes of all the people you come across, and ask a genuine question about her or him.

Now I ask you … which lesson is your favorite? Which other lesson have you learned from Oprah? Do you have any other lessons you want to share with me and my readers? Please share in the comments below. I read them all, promise!

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