16 of the Best YouTube Marketing Tips I Found on the Web

Anllelic LozadaI’ve been doing some massive research on how to get more views and more subscribers in my YouTube channel as well as the parenting platform I co-manage, Los Tweens & Teens.

Because sharing is caring, I figured I would include my top tips for you to also learn how to maximize your YouTube channel – not only to sell yourself, but also sell your services or products.

1. Consistency: Create content every 2 days, every week, every month. Whatever the quantity is, make sure you are publishing in the consistency basis. This helps SEO within YouTube and helps getting new subscribers (people are more willing to subscribe if they know you that you WILL – and SOON – be posting new videos.

2. Create Remarkable Videos: Like YouTube marketing guru, James Wedmore, said “If you are too embarrased to show your video to your mom, then it’s not a good video to put out.” Make sure you are creating quality content in every video. Quality vs quantity.

3. Ask for Subscribers: Getting subscribers is the top way to increase your YouTube views, so make sure to add a call-to-action at the end or middle of your videos by saying in EVERY video three things:

  1. Subscribe
  2. How to subscribe
  3. Why to subscribe

4. Add Annotations within Video: Add a text image with a call-to-action on top of each video (edited within YouTube), where you can add a clickable link with, for example: “subscribe to my newsletter” or “subscribe to my channel,” WHILE your video is still on. This is a good way to backup your subscribe call-to-action listed above.

5. Sell Yourself in the Video Description Box: Right below your video is prime real-estate to tell your viewers who you are, what you do and how they can find out more about you. Make sure you add:

  1. Description of video
  2. Your name & title
  3. Your website URL
  4. Call-to-action to subscribe to your video
  5. Call-to-action to your lead magnet to get their email address, for example: subscribe to my newsletter, subscribe to my webinar or download my free e-book

6. Add a YouTube Widget in your Website: Use your blog to increase viewers of your videos by including a subscribe box or an embbed code with your YouTube videos in the sidebar of your blog or website. You can add a YouTube plugin in WordPress.

7. Add Featured Channels: Within your YouTube channel, add other channels of yours, but also channels of partners, friends or related experts in your industry (ideally, you want to add channels that have the similar audience as yours BUT have complimentary services/products). This way, you can create partnerships with them, where they ALSO add your channel within theirs.

8. Engage with other YouTubers: Pinpoint with whom you would like to form partnerships or relationships with (see #7) and make sure you: 1) subscribe to their channels and 2) comment in their videos. This will help them also subscribe, share and comment in YOURS. Remember: YouTube IS a social network!

9. Create an Incentive for Subscribing: Tell your audience you have a goal, of say “reaching 100 subscribers,” and you ask your current subscribers to help you get more and once you hit your goal, you will give them X, Y, Z. For example: I’ll give a free website, a free e-book, or a crazy funny video. Because you have created buzz – as a type of campaign – people will be excited to help you.

10. Add Free Popular Music: You can add 30 seconds of ANY song for free, without having to pay royalty fees. This really changes the vibe of your video.

11. Commenting in Videos: Be geniune and comment on other videos and make sure that your thumbnail is recognizable so you create a branding. 

12. Short Videos: Make your videos no longer than 10 minutes. The average amount of minutes people watch is 1 – 3 minutes, so make sure that you are sharing your best value and offering the call-to-action at the beginning.

13. Create Playlists: You can curate your videos in different related topics within your channel (just like a news magazine), to make it easy for new subscribers to find videos they want to see. Also add a “Most Popular Videos” playlist as the first of your channel AND then add your theme playlists.

14. Add a Branded Header: YouTube allows you to add a header or banner in your chanel – so use it as your best advantage! The header should tell immediately the viewer what’s the channel about and what you do. Now you can also add call-to-actions in your header that viewers can click to subscribe or visit external links. Sweet! You can create your own for free in http://www.canva.com

15. Be Found Using Relevancy: Think about what your audience/ideal client is searching in YouTube, for example: how to ____, then search it yourself and see the videos that come out. Are they many videos on the topic? Does the videos have a lot of views? Then make sure that your video content match these keywords that your audience is searching for, AND make sure it also matches your: video title, your video description, your video tags and even your transcript!

16. Invite Engagement: YouTube likes to showcase videos with comments and burry those that don’t, so make sure that your videos include topics that people want to comment and questions that allow viewers to think and contribute.

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