Why Should YOU Care About Social Media Week

Consider (1).jpgI wrote this article for LatinTrends Magazine, March 2016 edition.

Nowadays, technology and all-things Internet control almost everything we do. From how we pay bills and communicate with our abuela in Colombia, to how we buy groceries and choose a date for Friday night.

What happens when brands like Google, Facebook, IBM and The New York Times come together for 5 days? A disruption on how businesses and YOU evolve.

With the 2016 global theme “The Invisible Hand: Hidden Forces Of Technology (and How We Can Harness it for Good)” Social Media Week worldwide conferences will explore how mobile technology, networked connectivity, data and machine learning is changing how we connect, consume and communicate.

From Martha Stewart’s panel on how technology has opened up a new kind of DIY industry and the emergence of the  “Uber Effect” in Brazil, to how several generations from ages 18 – 91 use technology, SMW offers a global platform to discuss how technology impacts how you and I communicate, work and play.

A sample of SMW topics that impact you and I:  

  • Augmented reality in video gaming
  • Diversity in the tech industry
  • Artificial intelligence as strong as the human brain
  • Robots as construction workers
  • Social media helping change public policy
  • Brands as content creators
  • Governance via technology
  • Millennial as social media celebrities
  • Emojis as a way of communication
  • Live streaming as the new television

Now in its 8th year, NYC is one of the four cities – in four different continents – that will be hosting SMW conferences in February (the other three being Hamburg, Jakarta and Lagos). With additional conferences held in June, September and November, SMW is THE global conference dedicated to human connectivity.

15 Cities that Host Social Media Week:

  • NYC
  • Miami
  • Mexico City
  • Lagos
  • Milan
  • Hamburg
  • Jakarta
  • São Paulo
  • Chicago
  • Santiago
  • Sydney
  • Rotterdam
  • London
  • Mumbai
  • Mexico City

Winter in NYC gets hot when professionals in media, marketing, and tech, as well as digitally connected consumers come together on Feb 22-26th for SMW NYC. With 60+ hand-crafted official and independent events, the SVA Theater and TimesCenter hosts panels, workshops, networking mixers, case studies, keynote speakers, venue-to-venue simulcasts and spacious co-working areas.

What’s new in 2016 for SMW NYC? Two large theaters versus only one and the first-ever Spanish event called “Véndete En Línea,” presented by the e-magazine, Alma Emprendedora, which will take place in IATI Theater Studios and open to Latina entrepreneurs – or those ladies that aspire to be one.

“The Invisible Hand,” coined in the 18th century by Adam Smith as a metaphor that describes “unintended social benefits resulting from individual actions,” can be compared to politics. It relates to concepts and ideas we don’t see, but impact how individual actions contribute to collectively outcomes. It’s our responsibility to stay on top of the issues that impact the decisions of today and that of our children and grandkids.

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