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Start the new year with a tea-time “hangout” of small groups of 10 that will give you accountability, focus, practical spiritual tools and priceless networking to take on the week full of the 3 Ps: positive energy, purpose & peace. Want to be notified via e-mail once registration is open in January 2015? Please fill out form on the bottom.

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— SHAROLL FERNANDEZ — Integral Educator in NYC

Sharoll combines emotional, social & spiritual tools to educate children, teens and adults in literature, the arts and Spanish as a second language in New York City. Born and raised in La Paz, Bolivia, while at school, Sharoll took up acting and poetry, involving herself with artists from an extensive range of ages, disciplines and social backgrounds. On turning seventeen, Sharoll made her first long trip through South America, traveling to Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. On her travels she was able to interact with other young performers and show them the variety of dances her country has to offer. Sharoll completed her trip by representing her country in the “Festival del Bambuco” in Huila, Colombia. Following her travels, Sharoll studied in the “Universidad Mayor de San Andres” from 2002-2004 (Business Management). After her studies, Sharoll moved to Japan where she worked for the “Andean-Amazonian Pavilion Aichi 2005”. Two years later Sharoll traveled to Italy where she learned Italian whilst delving deeper into the fine arts. Presently, Sharoll is specializing in painting at the “Academia Nacional de Bellas Artes Hernando Siles” in Bolivia. All her experiences and discoveries about personal growth through cultural exchange have motivated her to be part of the Bolivian Express adventure.


10% of proceeds will go towards Sharoll’s dream project in Bolivia:

Integral Education for Kids


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